Rat control Kent and rodent removal in Kent, 1st A Pest Control company can control and Treat rats / rodents and remove them completely providing safe and fast treatments discreetly. Rat Control and removal services Kent have expert knowledge in pest treatments, we have been Providing pest control services for over 20 years and rats / rodents are very common we can remove rats hassle free and make sure they don’t return.

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Rats (Rattus Norvegicus)

They are around 5-7inches in length with a thick tail around the same length of the body dark brown to a grey in colour.

  • They are colour blind and have poor eyesight they tend to be discreet and toilet in one particular area the droppings are dark in colour around the size of a sun flower seed and banana shaped.
  • They gnaw constantly at wood pipes and electrical cabling in you home.
  • They can also be found in gardens, sheds, garages etc and you may find rat burrows in the gardens of your home around the size of a tennis ball.
  • They can breed very fast and one pair of rats can turn into hundreds within a year with a good food supply and home.

Rats need water every day so burrows maybe found around ponds and they are often seen on very hot days searching for water or drinking water from ponds as they can get dehydrated.

Why must Rats / Rodents be controlled?

Rats can carry disease the most recognised is Leptospirosis and Salmonella they can also damage you property chewing cables , water and gas pipes resulting in expensive repairs and endangering your families well being.

Rats will not go away and will certainly infest throughout your home unless treated we would always recommend a professional pest control operative to attend and treat products purchased from the internet or DIY store may not rid you of this pest it could work out a lot more expensive to try and tackle this pest alone.

Wild Rat Example


Damage Caused by Rats

How can we help?

Call us on 01622 211311 and we will quickly visit your workplace or home to carry out a survey and treatment to start the elimination process so you can sit back and relax in a pest free workplace or home.

We would always recommend that the rats are treated by a professional treatments usually involve baiting or trapping but you can be assured your pets and family will be safe.

Rat, Rodent Control Treatments and Services

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