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There are 100’s of types of flies but all will start the same way with a complete metamorphosis egg, larvae, pupae the fly.

You may get flies mainly in the summer but they are usually there because of a reason which could be poor house keeping or hygiene reasons but also because of rotting food, dead carcase etc. A lot of flies also inhibit loft voids in the winter and some such as the cluster fly cluster in their 1000’s.

Why must they be controlled?

Flies are an unwelcome visitor they can spread disease salmonella etc when they get into kitchens on work surfaces you may be able to find the source easily if numbers appear quickly food dropped behind a freezer, cupboard or dirty bins etc.

Flies may not go away unless treated we would always recommend a professional pest control operative to attend and treat products purchased from the internet or DIY store may not rid you of this pest it could work out a lot more expensive to try and tackle this pest alone they can be persistent.

Fly Infestation Example

Close up of fly

How can we help?

Call us on 01622 211311 and we will quickly visit your workplace or home to carry out a survey and treatment to start the elimination process so you can sit back and relax in a pest free workplace or home.

We would always recommend that the flies are treated by a professional treatments usually involve insecticide spraying or fly killer but you can be assured your pets and family will be safe.

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