Need Fox Advice? 

Foxes (vulpine)

  • Foxes live between 3-10 years and when not mixed with human population carry on their lives in the countryside with no problems.
  • When they come into contact with residential issues it’s usually because of the noise going through rubbish or living in a den under a shed or in a back garden.
  • They get a lot of bad press and usually will not cause too many problems when going through a garden unless they are fed by the resident which will encourage visits every night.

Why must they be controlled?

In most cases just stop feeding and making plenty of noise maybe enough for the fox to leave there is also the fox protection project which is always worth trying as a first option heir advice is free and may set your mind at ease.

Foxes may not go away unless treated we would always recommend a professional pest control operative to attend and treat products purchased from the internet or DIY store may not rid you of this pest it could work out a lot more expensive to try and tackle this pest alone they can be persistent.

Fo Example

Pest Fox

How can we help?

Call us on 01622 211311 and we will quickly visit your workplace or home to carry out a survey and treatment to start the elimination process so you can sit back and relax in a pest free workplace or home.

We would always recommend that the fox or foxes are treated by a professional treatments usually involve traps or repellent sprays but you can be assured your pets and family will be safe.

For more information or to request a call back dial 01622 211311