Indian meal moth and textile moths

There are 100’s of types of moths but the ones that affect us mainly in a residential issue are the textile moth and Indian meal moth.

Indian meal moths will infest your packet products in the cupboards of your kitchen the moths around 10mm long will lay there eggs in the products or around the packaging which will hatch into grubs white in colour with a brown head.

Textile moths are small gold colour moths around 5-10mm these moths will lay their eggs in the carpets and furnishings including clothes in the wardrobes.

The larvae will eat through clothes usually wool, cashmere etc and also attack the wool in the carpet.

In turn they will spin a case which can be found in some cases under items of furniture or just on the surface of the carpet here they will metamorphosis into a moth and start the process of again.

Why must they be controlled?

Textile moths covered on this page need to be treated left they will damage your clothes and carpets costing you £100’s to replace

Indian meal moths can infest throughout your cupboards making you dispose of food and worse cooking them in your food without realising they are their!

Moths may not go away unless treated we would always recommend a professional pest control operative to attend and treat products purchased from the internet or DIY store may not rid you of this pest it could work out a lot more expensive to try and tackle this pest alone they can be persistent.

Textile Moths Example

Indian Meal Moth Example

How can we help?

Call us on 01622 211311 and we will quickly visit your workplace or home to carry out a survey and treatment to start the elimination process so you can sit back and relax in a pest free workplace or home.

We would always recommend that the moths are treated by a professional treatments usually involve traps or insecticide sprays but you can be assured your pets and family will be safe.

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